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How can I set a price if I haven’t taken this route?

On average, rides with More are 20% cheaper than other services. In some major cities, the app shows you the average cost of a ride on the indicated route in other services. You can offer any price, relying on this cost. More has a minimum cost of travel, it can be the same across the city or vary depending on the route, but it will always be significantly lower than the average prices in other services.

Can I pay by card?

You can pay for the ride in cash or via online transfer, having previously indicated this method when placing an order. Payment by credit card is not provided in the service. This makes rides even more profitable, as it allows you to avoid additional bank commission.

What is a passenger rating?

A passenger rating is automatically generated based on its order history, and also depends on the availability of false orders, complaints from the driver about the conflict, unpaid trips.

Are cars equipped with child seats?

Be sure to indicate the need for a child seat in the ride options so that drivers with equipped cars can respond to your order. In the comments, specify the number of children, their age or the category of the necessary child restraint.

How to delete an account?

Send a scan of an application for deleting an account in any form to e-mail